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YOLO :) An acronym for You Only Live Once! This motto is similar to the mottoes: You have only got once chance to live or Enjoy it while you can. People often use these phrases to persuade their friends to take risks or do something they normally would not do! The phrase has been a motto for people for a long time, but the shortened version, YOLO has gained popularity since the release of the song The Motto by Drake and Tyga. Source: Urban Dictionary

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EXCLUSIVE: The Brown Goose Band | Atmosphere

Posted by Mishal On July - 28 - 2012Tally_Valley_Atmosphere_Nightclub_Tallahassee_Florida_The_Brown_Goose_Mishal_Hyder_Rachel_Gennaro_Giselle_Rivas_Natalie_Odisho_Caty_Jusevic_Florida_State_University_Seminoles_July_17_2012

We are so excited to premiere an exclusive interview with one of Tallahassee’s rising rock band making a name for themselves in the Big Bend and around the Panhandle area by playing and packing live shows with tons of energy and good vibes!

Drummer vs Emulator DJ Edition | LIT Nightclub

Posted by Mishal On July - 22 - 2012Drummer_vs_Emmulator DJ_Edition_LIT_Nightclub_Tally_Valley_Coliseum_Nightclub_Tallahassee_Florida_Happy_Birthday_Rachel_Gennaro_Giselle_Rivas_Natalie_Odisho_Florida_State_University_Seminoles

For the love of Dubstep, EDM and Rock & Roll! The most innovative live show to hit stages in a decade! See what Rolling Stone is dubbing, “The Future of DJ’ing”.

Sunday Funday | AJ’s Sports Bar

Posted by Mishal On July - 3 - 2012Tally_Valley_Sunday_Funday_Korey_Barn_Tallahassee_Florida_Rachel_Gennaro_Giselle_Rivas_Natalie_Odisho_Caty_Jusevic_Florida_State_University_Seminoles_May_26_2012

Tally Valley visits AJs Sports Bar for its first Sunday Funday event and finds Tallahassee’s break-dancing legend, THE Korey Barn partying with Candace, Brandon and Chris.

Korey has been a fixture in Tallahassee’s dance scene since 2007 and he was a dance partner with FSU Cowgirl, CJ Perry.

DJ Pressure Interview | LIT Nightclub

Posted by Mishal On June - 25 - 2012Tally_Valley_LIT_Nightclub_Tallahassee_Florida_DJ_Pressure_Jeremy_Conklin_Mishal_Hyder_Rachel_Gennaro_Giselle_Rivas_Natalie_Odisho_Caty_Jusevic_Florida_State_University_Seminoles_June_1_2012

Rachel Gennaro conducts an exclusive interview with DJ Pressure – Jeremy Conklin -at Tallahassee’s hottest nightclub, the LIT.

Jeremy is a resident DJ at LIT, Yianni’s and Clydes & Costello’s and has honor to play in front of thousands of fans at the world renowned music festivals.

Mr. Bryan Swartz | Four Three Entertainment

Posted by Mishal On June - 5 - 2012Tally_Valley_Potbellys_Nightclub_Tallahassee_Florida_May_17_2012_Caty_Jusevic_Mishal_Hyder_Bryan_Swartz

Caty Jusevic conducts an exclusive interview with Bryan Swartz – CEO & President of Four Three Entertainment. Interview filmed at Potbelly’s on Purgatory Thursday.

Drinks on the House | LIT Nightclub

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DJ Pressure Interview | LIT Nightclub

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Mr. Bryan Swartz | Four Three Entertainment

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What Ladies Like | Potbelly’s | Part 1

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Happy Birthday Vlada | Coliseum Nightclub

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Introducing Miss Rachel | Nightlife Ambassador

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Happy Birthday Rachel | Coliseum Nightclub

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Graduation Weekend | Coliseum | Part 2

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